Faculty, REPS, and Staff

Faculty Members

Division Name of Faculty Member Field of Specialization Rank
ABD  Afuang, Leticia E. Wildlife Conservation and Herpetology Associate Professor 2
ABD  Alviola, Philip A. Wildlife Biology Associate Professor 2
ABD  Aurellado, Maria Eleanor B. Coral Reef Fish Ecology Assistant Professor 6 
ABD  Baril, Joselito A. Wildlife Ecology (Behavioral Ecology) Assistant Professor 7
ABD  Camacho, Ma. Vivian DC Aquatic Ecology (Marine & Freshwater) Assistant Professor 6
ABD  Castro, Jhon Michael C.  Freshwater Zoology Assistant Professor 1 
ABD  Dacuma, Mary Grace B. Molecular Epidemiology Assistant Professor 6 
ABD  Dalisay, Sarah Micah Q.  Developmental Zoology Instructor 1 
ABD  De Chavez, Emmanuel Ryan C. Malacology (Community Ecology & Evolutionary Biology) Assistant Professor 5 
ABD  De Guia, Anna Pauline O. Wildlife Biology (Mammalogy) Associate Professor 4 
ABD  De Lara, Ayolani V. Malacology  Professor 3 
ABD  Dimalibot, Judeline C. Vertebrate Reproductive Physiology & Conservation Biology Assistant Professor 2
ABD  Felipe, Imee Rose E.  Molecular Physiology Instructor 1 
ABD  Fernandez, Desamarie Antonette P.  Wildlife Biology (Mammalogy) Assistant Professor 2
ABD  Gonzalez, Juan Carlos T. Ornithology and Zoogeography Professor 4 
ABD  Llanes, Kennesa Klariz R.  Parasitology Instructor 4 
ABD  Lovina, Darlene P. Ornithology Assistant Professor 2 
ABD  Maligalig, Maria. Dalisay G. Biochemistry and Vertebrate Physiology Associate Professor 1 
ABD  Paller, Vachel Gay V. Parasitology Associate Professor 6 
ABD  Querijero, Blesshe L. Fisheries and Aquaculture Assistant Professor 6
ABD  Reyes, Roberto C. Zoology, Crustacean Associate Professor 6 
ABD  Ticzon, Victor S. Marine Biology (Coral Reef Ecology) Associate Professor 1 
ABD  Tsuchiya, Maria Claret L. Molecular Toxicology Assistant Professor 3 
EBD Abenis, Kristine O.  Arthropod Ecology  Assistant Professor 2
EBD Banaay, Charina Gracia B. Microbial Ecology    Associate Professor 6
EBD Campang, Joseph DG Fresh Water Ecology  Assistant Professor 1
EBD Deyto, Rodelina C. Pollination Biology  Assistant Professor 4
EBD Dupo, Aimee Lynn B. Arthropod Ecology  Professor 3
EBD Encinares, John Mark A. Cave Ecology  Assistant Professor 1
EBD Fajardo, Analinda M. Pollination Biology  Professor 1
EBD Flores, Ronilo Jose D. Cave Microbial Ecology  Assistant Professor 1
EBD Husana, Daniel Edison M. Cave Ecology  Associate Professor 2
EBD Lambio, Ivy Amor F. Conservation Biology  Assistant Professor 5
EBD Lit, Ireneo Jr. L. Conservation Biology  Professor 8
EBD Macandog, Damasa M. Plant Ecology/ Ecological Modelling Professor 11
EBD Maranan, Faith S. Restoration Ecology Assistant Professor 4
EBD Meneses, Zhereeleen D.  Plant Ecology Assistant Professor 1
EBD Pleto,  John Vincent R.  Freshwater Ecology (environmental toxicology) Assistant Professor 1
EBD Rabena, Mark Anthony F. Natural Resource Management Assistant Professor 1
GMBD Adajar, Joan Christine O. Cytogenetics Assistant Professor 1 
GMBD Alcabedos, Riaflor M. Developmental/Epigenetics Assistant Professor 1 
GMBD Cagalawan, Aimee G.  Quantitative Genetics Instructor  2
GMBD Diaz, Maria Genaleen Q. Molecular/Biochemical Genetics Professor 4 
GMBD Duka, Ivan Marcelo A. Cell and Molecular Biology Associate Professor 5 
GMBD Galang, Emmanuel T Computational Bio/Bioinformatics Assistant Professor 1
GMBD Gonzales, Diana Rose R. Evolutionary Genetics Assistant Professor 1 
GMBD Lado, Jickerson P. Cell and Molecular Biology Assistant Professor 1 
GMBD Manalang , Aprill P. Computational Bio/Bioinformatics Assistant Professor 1 
GMBD Manuel, Ma. Carmina C. Population Genetics Assistant Professor 5 
GMBD Mendioro, Merlyn S. Cytogenetics Professor 12 
GMBD Pascual, Evangeline D. Developmental/Epigenetics Assistant Professor 1 
GMBD Reamillo, Ma. Cecilia S. Cell and Molecular Biology Assistant Professor 4
GMBD Rodriguez, Jae Joseph Russell B. Evolutionary Genetics Assistant Professor 2
GMBD San Pascual , Joseph Carmelo K.  Cell and Molecular Biology Assistant Professor 1 
GMBD Toledo, Anna Mariel U. Cell and Molecular Biology Assistant Professor 1 
GMBD Villa, Neilyn O. Molecular/Biochemical Genetics Assistant Professor 5
MCBD Bautista, Vernans V. Microbial Systematics  Assistant Professor 4
MCBD Carlos, Angella Melissa A.  Food Microbiology  Assistant Professor 5 
MCBD Encabo, Jaymee R. Virology  Assistant Professor 1
MCBD Franco, Rose Ann G.  Industrial Microbiology  Assistant Professor 4
MCBD Geronimo, Edmerson B.  Microbiology  Assistant Professor 1 
MCBD Jamora, Renard M. Medical Microbiology  Assistant Professor  2
MCBD Lantican, Nacita B. Industrial Microbiology  Assistant Professor 7
MCBD Lavina, Walter A.  Assistant Professor 5 
MCBD Mendoza, Bernadette C. Medical Microbiology, Public Health and Industrial Microbiology Associate Professor 4 
MCBD Ong, John Daniel P.  Microbial Ecology  Assistant Professor 1
MCBD Opulencia, Rina B. Microbial Physiology Assistant Professor 7
MCBD Pecundo,  Domini Theresa M.  Food Microbiology Assistant Professor 1
MCBD Perdigon, Kristel Mae D.  Microbiology Assistant Professor 1 
MCBD Sabino, Noel G. Microbial Ecology & Environmental Microbiology Assistant Professor 7
MCBD Villegas, Lucille C. Virology Associate Professor 1 
PBD Adorador, Jiro T.  Forestry  Assistanr Professor 1 
PBD Bautista, Nonnatus S. Plant Breeding and Genetics  Assistant Professor 5
PBD Buot, Inocencio E. Plant Ecology and Systematics  Professor 12
PBD Cadiz, Nina M. Plant Physiology  Professor 6
PBD Cardenas, Lourdes B. Plant Biotechnology and Medicinal Plant  Professor 2
PBD delos Angeles, Marjorie D.  Botany  Assistant Professor 2 
PBD Gonzales, Rainer Kent Emerson B.  Biology  Assistant Professor 1 
PBD Hadsall, Annalee S. Plant Systematics and Morpho Anatomy  Assistant Professor 7
PBD Medina, Therese Julienne T. Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Assistant Professor 1 
PBD Nacorda, June Owen O. Phycology Assistant Professor 4
PBD Rayos, Antonio L. Jr. Plant Systematics Assistant Professor 1 
PBD Rivera, Marlon P. Plant Molecular Biology & Biotechnology Assistant Professor 1 
PBD Sese, Maribel D. Plant Physiology Professor 12
PBD Sotto, Rachel C. Horticulture, Crop Physiology Associate Professor 7 
PBD Torreta, Nerissa K. Phycology, PlantMorpho-Anatomy Associate Professor 5
PBD Villaverde, Eleanor C. Botany Instructor 3 


Division Name Position Title
ABD Bandal, Modesto Z. Jr.  University Research Associate I
ABD  Lontoc, Beatriz M. University Research Associate II
EBD Alviola, Marnelli S. University Research Associate I
EBD Luna, Donald A.  University Research Associate I
GMBD Mercado, Sheila Mae O.  University Researcher II
GMBD Suelto, Mishael C. University Research Associate I
PBD Alcala, Ailene A.  University Research Associate II
PBD Masungsong, Lailani A. University Researcher I

Administrative STAFF

Name  Position Title
Aquino, Eufrocino D.  Laboratory Technician II
Austral, Arabella D.  Laboratory Etchnician II 
Balboa, Danilo C. Admin  Aide III
Balboa, John Paul M  Laboratory Etchnician II 
Bayot, Nancy Grace M.  Laboratory Technician III
Catelo, Isagani O. Laboratory Technician  I
dela Cruz, Juanito F.  Administrative Aide I 
De Juras, Efren C. Laboratory Technician  II
Duya, Jose S.  Cook  II
Eugenio, Raymundo R.  Administrative  Aide III
Eroles, Merlita C. Administrative  Aide VI
Fajardo, Roxanne  Laboratory Technician I 
Gomez, Rodolfo C.  Administrative Aide III
Magpantay, Angel V.  Administrative  Aide III
Magpantay, Aurelia P. Laboratory Technician  I
Manatac, Cleofe O. Laboratory Technician  II
Manimtim, Lordito U. Laboratory Technician  II
Matalog, Olivio O. Laboratory Technician II 
Matalog, Reynaldo O.  Laboratory Aide II
Melgar, Elizabeth A. Laboratory Aide II
Nepomuceno, Martina A. Laboratory Technician 1
Perez, Estelita R. Laboratory Technician II
Salvador, Nenita B. Administrative  Assistant  V
Talag, Enrique D. Administrative  Assistant II
Tandang, Maximo Administrative Aide IV (Reproduction Machine Operator II)
Villamael, Luisa N. Laboratory Technician  II
Averion, Aristeo P.  Laboratory Technician II 
Claro, Rodolfo M. Jr.  Mason/Carpenter 
Lopez, Renee Salome C.  Administrative Officer (ICS)