Microbiology Graduate Program

Lead unit: Institute of Biological Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences

Degrees offered: Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy

          The PhD program in microbiology is offered jointly by the Crop Protection Cluster and Food Science Cluster (CA), Forest Biological Sciences (CFNR) and the Institutes of Biological Sciences (CAS). The lead unit is the Institute of Biological Sciences.

Foundation courses:

MS: MCB 101, MCB 102, CHEM 160.1, MCB 299

PhD: MCB 101, MCB 102, MCB 120, MCB 150, PPTH 104

Minimum course requirements as cognate field: MCB 150, MCB 220

Core courses:

MS: MCB 130, MCB 220, CHEM 160.1, MCB 299

PhD: MCB 201, MCB 240, MCB 299 (2 units)

Graduate courses:

MCB 201. Advances in Microbiology (3). Current research and development in microbiology . 3 hrs (class). PR. COI. (1)

MCB 220. Physiology of Bacteria (3). Physiological processes in bacteria including study of bacteria variation and population dynamics. 5 hrs (2 class, 3 lab). PR MCB 101 and MCB 120. (2)

MCB 230. Advanced Microbial Genetics (3). Molecular genetics of microbial systems. 3 hrs (class). PR. MCB 130 or COI. (1)


MCB 240. Determinative Bacteriology (3). Bacterial identification, cultivation of representative groups of bacteria from their natural habitats. 7 hrs (1 class, 6 lab). PR. MCB 101. (1)

MCB 260. Advanced Industrial Microbiology (3). Microbiological and physiological aspects of fermentation processes. 3 hrs (class). PR. MCB 160. (2)

MCB 270. Microbial Toxins (3). Nature, activity, and toxigenicity of bacterial and fungal toxins affecting man and other animals; methods of isolation, detection, and quantification. 5 hrs (2 class, 3 lab). PR. MCB 101 and CHEM 160.1 or COI. (2)

MCB 290. Special Problems (1-3). May be taken twice provided that the total number of units to be credited to the student’s program will not exceed 4 units. (1,2)

MCB 291. Special Topics (1-3). May be taken twice provided that the total number of units to be credited to the student’s program will not exceed 4 units. (1)

MCB 299. Graduate Seminar (1). May be taken twice. (1,2)

MCB 300. Master’s Thesis (6). (1,2)

MCB 400. Doctoral Dissertation (12). (1,2)



Professors:                       Ida F. Dalmacio, PhD

                                          Asuncion K. Raymundo, PhD

                                          Agnes F. Zamora, PhD

Associate Professor:        Wilma T. Cruz, PhD

Assistant Professors:       Gem D. Encarnacion, MS

                                          Bernadette C. Mendoza, DPH

                                          Rina B. Opulencia, MS

                                          Noel G. Sabino, MS

                                          Carmela C. Waje, MS

Affiliate Faculty

Professor:                        Avelino D. Raymundo, PhD

Associate Professor:       Edna Y. Ardales, PhD

Assistant Professors:      Rosario G. Monsalud, PhD

                                         Lorele C. Trinidad, PhD

Adjunct Faculty

Associate Professor:          Casiana M. Vera Cruz, PhD