Historical Background and Objectives

Historical Background and Objectives

     The Microbiology Division (MCBD) originated from the Microbiology Section of the Department of Life Sciences when the College of Arts and Sciences was created in 1973. It became a part of the Institute of Biological Sciences in 1984. It started with 1 senior staff (Prof. William L. Fernandez) and 2 instructors (Dr. Asuncion K. Raymundo, and Dr. Ida F. Dalmacia).

       The objective of MCBD is "to achieve excellence in microbiology teaching, research and in areas of public service extension appropriate to a basic science institution". National issues, drives for academic excellence, problem of language and enrollment plan are also frameworks of formulating our goals and thrusts. The laboratory also strongly supports the thrusts of IBS for the year 1990-2000, namely Biomedical Science, Cell and Molecular Biology and Environmental Biology.

     The MCBD offers Microbiology as a major area for the BS Biology undergraduate curriculum with four options: thesis, practicum, course work, and education.

      The MS Microbiology started in the Department of Plant Pathology, UPLB and was carried on by the MCB Division to date. The PhD Microbiology program was instituted in 1982 and is being implemented thru the coordinated efforts of the graduate faculty of MCBD, IBS and other institutes of UPLB involved in microbiology. The number of BS Biology students desiring to major in microbiology remains high. The number of graduate students increased with the availability of ESEP and PCASTRD scholarships. Validation of courses can now be implemented to fulfill prerequisite courses, since the latter has posed an obstacle for BS graduates from other universities to pursue our graduate programs.

     The research activities of MCBD are focused on basic and industrial microorganisms while projects funded by other agencies are the concern of the others. Both classical techniques and modern molecular biology techniques are used in the various researches.