Dr. Cleofas R. Cervancia, Insect Ecology and Pollination Biology

CRC prof emeritusDr. Cervancia was conferred as Professor Emeritus by the U.P. Board of Regents during their 1,288th meeting held last June 20th, 2013. She completed her Ph.D. degree in Entomology at UPLB and a post-doc at University of Wales, U.K., and has been a pro-active faculty of the Environmental Biology Division of the IBS, helping develop many key courses. Prior to retirement, she taught courses in biology and environmental biology, such as Ecology and Pollination biology. Dr. Cervancia has been an astute Deputy Director and Director of IBS for several years, and has been pivotal in the development of multi-disciplinary Bee Research and Extension, and maintain academic standards within the Biological Sciences.


Dr. Cervancia is recognized for her exceptional contribution to the University in promoting sustainable Apiculture, and the advancement of research and conservation on Philippine bees. She has been extensively involved with the multi-awarded UPLB Bee Program (UPLBBP), which has an important role in the advancement of the beekeeping industry in the Philippines. It endeavors to modernize beekeeping practices to match international standards; and to assist technical services in terms of bee pest and diseases diagnosis, bee product analysis and pollination advisory. Most important accomplishment of program was the integration of stingless bees in Philippine farming systems. UPLBBP developed sustainable strategies by exploring the potentials of local species of Apis and Tetragonula bees.


After retiring from IBS last April 9, 2012, Dr. Cervancia continues to be involved in research and extension work at the Institute as adjunct professor, in support of the UPLBBP. This includes continued involvement in the Intensive Beekeeping Training Courses, and contributes further to the enhancement and cultivation of Bee Research and Extension programs. As a respected professor, researcher and extension personnel, Dr. Cervancia’s achievements are recognized not only nationally but also in the world scientific community in her field of bee science, in which she has published scores of articles in refereed journals both here and abroad, in addition ot an even greater number of papers read in international conferences. An internationally recognized authority in her field, she has refereed manuscripts on pollination for the prestigious periodicals like the Journal of Apicultural Research, Apidologie Journal of Threatened Taxa and Philippine Journal of Science. She reviewed a book on Bee Flora of the Hindu Kush-Himalayas and serves as external examiner of thesis of graduate students from abroad. During international conferences, Dr. Cervancia routinely serves among the moderators in scientific sessions. She has been cited for bringing honor to the university and the country by serving as a link between the Philippines and other countries on bee science and technology. It is a tribute to the high regard in which she is held abroad that she was elected President of Apimondia Regional Commission for Asia and Vice President of the Asian Apicultural Association (AAA). UP Los Banos, through the Bee Program, was recognized by an international scientific organization, Asian Apicultural Association as the National Center of Excellence for Bee Research and Development.


Proofs of the consistency of performance of Dr. Cervancia are the numerous awards she garnered. She received the UP Scientist Award in 2012 for her scientific productivity, Civil Service Commission Presidential Lingkod Bayan Award, and UP Alumni Association Outstanding Alumni for community services through promotion of beekeeping nationwide. The UPLB Bee Program, which she used to coordinate was awarded the Civil Service Commission PAG-ASA award, CHED Outstanding Extension Award (National Winner), CHED Outstanding Research Program (Regional Winner) and UPLB Outstanding Extension and Research Program.

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