IBS Extension Activities and Services

Faculty, researches and administrative personnel of the Institute are also involved in various extension activities.  These activities cater to different people from different walks of life.


Technical Assistance as Resource Persons/Speakers or Consultants

  • BRAAP (Biodiversity Rapid Assessment and Appraisal Program)
  • Institutional Research and Extension Evaluation
  • Trainings, Seminars, Conferences
    • Rapid Composting and its use as Fertilizer
    • E-learning
    • Gender and Development and Gender Analysis
  • Information dissemination through media and paper interviews


Instructional Support Services

  • Adopt-a-School Program
  • Upgrading Teaching and Learning Strategies in Biological Sciences from primary to tertiary level
  • Use of Teaching Models in various biology subjects


Regular Extension Services

  • Biodiversity Surveys
  • Ecological Profiling
  • Honey and Pollen Analyses
  • Microbiological Analytical Laboratory (analysis for microorganisms, water quality, food etc)
  • Plant Histochemistry
  • Biotechniques
  • Species Identification (plants, animals and microorganisms)



Short Courses

  • Algal Identification
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Intensive Beekeeping
  • Museum Techniques