Major in Wildlife Biology

Program Faculty

Dr. Ma. Dalisay G. Maligalig

Head, Animal Biology Division 

Dr. Consuelo DL. Habito

Major Coordinator, Zoology and Wildlife Biology Program

Dr. Leticia E. Afuang

Prof. Joey A. Baril

Prof. Emmanuel Ryan C. De Chavez

Dr. Anna Pauline O. De Guia

Prof. Judeline C. Dimalibot

Prof. Juan Carlos T. Gonzalez 

Prof. Aurora V. Lacaste

Dr. Ma. Dalisay G. Maligalig

Dr. Pablo P. Ocampo

Darlene M. Pagaduan


Program Information

Undergraduate Brochure

Course Curriculum



What will I study in the wildlife biology major program?


Wildlife biology is concerned with the biology and ecology of flora and fauna in their natural habitats.


 The UPLB undergraduate biology major in wildlife biology programs provides students a strong background in general biology and Philippine wildlife.  The curriculum places emphasis on the taxonomy and ecology of terrestrial vertebrate groups such as amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals that are native or endemic to the Philippines.  Students also gain familiarity towards conservation efforts and environmental laws concerned with protecting populations of Philippine endemic species.


What courses will I take?

 All wildlife biology majors are required to take courses on comparative vertebrate anatomy, animal physiology, and introduction to Philippine wildlife.  Students also take major courses that are fundamental to wildlife studies such as ornithology, mammalogy, herpetology, and wildlife ecology.  Consult the course curriculum for more details.


What research topics can I work on?

 Students interested in conducting a special problem or thesis can work with faculty with the same research interests.  Funding support is made available to students if their topic is within the scope of the research project of their adviser.  Current research projects include biodiversity surveys in the northern islands of Palawan and in Mt. Makiling, Los Baños, small mammal phylogeography and island populations.


What are my career options?

 The wildlife biology program enables students to pursue a career in research and conservation and work for various institutes such as the government sector and non-government organizations.  Most of our graduates become highly sought consultants for nature programs in the media and monitoring and environmental impact studies.  Graduates of wildlife biology may also become leading contributors to the formation of policies that would ensure the protection and conservation of Philippine endemic wildlife.  Wildlife biology graduates may also work for zoological parks and aquaria or enter the medical sciences.  In addition, the undergraduate program can prepare students towards obtaining a graduate degree and entering the academe as professors.


Why will I take the UPLB Biology major in Wildlife Biology program?

  1. The UPLB Institute of Biological Sciences is the Center of Excellence in Biological Sciences Instruction.
  2. Our faculty from the Animal Biology Division maintain active research and extension activities on the conservation and ecology of Philippine terrestrial wildlife.
  3. UP Los Baños is located in the foot of Mount Makiling, where students can conveniently conduct research on wildlife and terrestrial ecology.